Cross-border molecular tracing of brucellosis in Europe

Gwida, Mayada Mosad Ahmed Shaaban GND; Neubauer, Heinrich Karl Johann GND; Ilhan, Z.; Schmoock, Gernot GND; Melzer, Falk GND; Nöckler, K.; Janczyk, P.; Tomaso, Herbert GND; Rösler, U.; Al Dahouk, S.

To assess the general impact of endemic countries on the re-emergence of brucellosis in non-endemic regions of the European Union, the genetic fingerprints of Brucella melitensis strains imported to Germany were compared to ovine strains from Turkey in a molecular epidemiological study. Genotyping of 66 Brucella strains (based on Multiple Locus of Variable number of tan-dem repeats Analysis) isolated from German travellers and Turkish immigrants living in Germany revealed epidemiological concordance with 20 sheep isolates originating from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. In summary, cross-border molecular tracing confirmed brucellosis being a zoonosis of concern for European public health.



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Gwida, Mayada Mosad Ahmed Shaaban / Neubauer, Heinrich Karl Johann / Ilhan, Z. / et al: Cross-border molecular tracing of brucellosis in Europe. 2012.


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