Precision genetic engineering in large mammals

Garrels, Wiebke GND; Ivics, Z.; Kues, Wilfried August GND

Precision genetic engineering based on stable chromosomal insertion of exogenous DNA in the genomes of large mammals is immensely important for the development of improved biomedical models, pharmaceutical research and an accelerated breeding progress. Precision genetic engineering requires (i) a known locus of genomic integration, (ii) a defined status of foreign DNA, (iii) that transgene expression is unaffected by neighbouring chromosomal sequences, (iv) endogenous genes are not mutated and (v) no unwanted DNA sequences are present. Recently, advanced molecular techniques exploiting exogenous enzymes have opened the possibilities for more sophisticated genetic engineering. Here, we critically review current developments of enzyme-catalysed approaches for targeted transgenesis in large mammals.



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Garrels, Wiebke / Ivics, Z. / Kues, Wilfried August: Precision genetic engineering in large mammals. 2012.