Burkholderia mallei infection in a horse imported from Brazil

Elschner, Mandy C. GND; Klaus, Christine GND; Liebler-Tenorio, Elisabeth M. GND; Schmoock, Gernot GND; Wohlsein, P.; Tinschmann, O.; Lange, Elke GND; Kaden, Volker GND; Klopfleisch, Robert GND; Melzer, Falk GND; Rassbach, Astrid GND; Neubauer, Heinrich Karl Johann GND

A horse Imported from Brazil developed a respiratory Illness 2 weeks after arrival In Germany. After on Initial but Inefficient treatment glanders was diagnosed based on serological and molecular biological findings. The present case highlights the potential risk of an Importation of glanders In free areas. The fact that veterinarians In countries where glanders has been eradicated for decades are not familiar with the clinical symptoms of the disease, can favour the entry of the disease. In order to prevent the spread of glanders, the sanctions of the veterinary authorities In such cases of the Infection are of utmost Importance



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Elschner, Mandy C. / Klaus, Christine / Liebler-Tenorio, Elisabeth M. / et al: Burkholderia mallei infection in a horse imported from Brazil. 2009.