Increased apoptosis in bovine blastocysts exposed to high levels of IGF1 is not associated with downregulation of the IGF1 receptor

The hypothesis that high concentrations of IGF1 can impair embryo development was investigated in a bovine in vitro model to reflect conditions in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) patients. Embryos were either cultured in the absence or presence of a physiological (100 ng/ml) or supraphysiological (1000 ng/ml) IGF1 concentration. Cell allocation, apoptosis, transcript and protein expression of selected genes involved in apoptosis, glucose metabolism and the IGF system were analysed. Supraphysiological IGF1 concentration did not improve blastocyst formation over controls, but induced higher levels of apoptosis, decreased TP53 protein expression in the trophectoderm and increased the number of cells in the inner cell mass (ICM). The increase in ICM cells corresponded with an increase in IGF1 receptor (IGF1R) protein in the ICM. A small, but significant, percentage of blastocysts displayed a hypertrophic ICM, not observed in controls and virtually absent in embryos treated with physiological concentrations of IGF1. Physiological IGF1 concentrations increased total IGF1R protein expression and upregulated IGFBP3 transcripts leading to an increase in blastocyst formation with no effects on cell number or apoptosis. In conclusion, the results support the hypothesis of detrimental effects of supraphysiological IGF1 concentrations on early pregnancy. However, our results do not support the premise that increased apoptosis associated with high levels of IGF1 is mediated via downregulation of the IGF1R as previously found in preimplantation mouse embryos. This in vitro system with the bovine preimplantation embryo reflects critical features of fertility in PCOS patients and could thus serve as a useful model for in-depth mechanistic studies. Reproduction (2011) 141 91-103



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