A tiered approach to systemic toxicity testing for agricultural chemical safety assessment

Doe, J. E.; Boobis, A. R.; Blacker, A.; Dellarco, V.; Doerrer, N. G.; Franklin, C.; Goodman, J. I.; Kronenberg, J. M.; Lewis, R.; Mcconnell, E. E.; Mercier, T.; Moretto, A.; Nolan, C.; Padilla, S.; Phang, W.; Solecki, R.; Tilbury, L.; Ravenzwaay, B. van; Wolf, D. C.

A proposal has been developed by the Agricultural Chemical Safety Assessment (ACSA) Technical Committee of the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) for an improved approach to assessing the safety of crop protection chemicals. The goal is to ensure that studies are scientifically appropriate and necessary without being redundant, and that tests emphasize toxicological endpoints and exposure durations that are relevant for risk assessment. The ACSA Systemic Toxicity Task Force proposes an approach to systemic toxicity testing as one part of the overall assessment of a compound's potential to cause adverse effects on health. The approach is designed to provide more relevant data for deriving reference doses for shorter time periods of human exposure, and includes fewer studies for deriving longer term reference doses-that is, neither a 12-month dog study nor a mouse carcinogenicity study is recommended. All available data, including toxicokinetics and metabolism data and life stages information, are taken into account. The proposed tiered testing approach has the potential to provide new risk assessment information for shorter human exposure durations while reducing the number of animals used and without compromising the sensitivity of the determination of longer term reference doses



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Doe, J. E. / Boobis, A. R. / Blacker, A. / et al: A tiered approach to systemic toxicity testing for agricultural chemical safety assessment. 2006.


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