Typing of Salmonella by DNA-microarrays

Malorny, B.; Guerra, B.; Zeltz, P.; Rissler, K.; Helmuth, R.

Microarrays (DNA-Chips) are miniaturized carriers on which many nucleic acid molecule probes such as oligonucleotides or PCR products are immobilized in a high density, and compactness. Homologue DNA hybridises with the immobilized complementary nucleic acid probes. This study gives after a short general introduction in the principle of DNA-microarrays an overview about published data on the field of typing of Salmonella by microarrays. An onset of a DNA-microarray developed by the National Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (NRL-Salm) will be introduced. By this new technique, it is possible to answer epidemiological questions as well as to find genes involved in certain biochemical processes, such as pathogenicity or resistance of salmonellae


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Malorny, B. / Guerra, B. / Zeltz, P. / et al: Typing of Salmonella by DNA-microarrays. 2003.


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